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Lemmings. COVID19 is here, and it it’s affecting so many people in so many places worldwide. I’m sure that everyone has heard of shortages in stores, people staying home, and so many other things too numerous to write about.

So I ask, is it time to panic? Is it time to act like lemmings and head for a proverbial cliff?

A Little Education

COVID19 woes. As markets around the world start to face plant, oil prices dropping, lock downs and businesses starting to fail, I started to think of those cute little lemmings. We’ve all heard about lemmings rushing to the cliffs to jump off in mass suicide. Let’s read a quote from Encyclopedia Britannica

“So why is the myth of mass lemming suicide so widely believed? For one,
it provides an irresistible metaphor for human behavior. Someone who
blindly follows a crowd—maybe even toward catastrophe—is called a
lemming. Over the past century, the myth has been invoked to express
modern anxieties about how individuality could be submerged and
destroyed by mass phenomena, such as political movements or consumer


With all that is going on, it’s not time to panic. I see it as a wake up call. We are all aware of the need to take caution while going through our daily lives to stay safe. Don’t panic, this isn’t the end of the world.

We’ve all heard of preppers, and I’ve been told that I’m a prepper. I’m not really, I just like to know that I’ve stocked up on a few things over time. Simple every day things like water, coffee (a must in my house), toilet paper, canned goods, simple first aid gear. These are some of the things stashed away in various places in my home.

If things get to the point where basics are running short, My wife and I would be happy to pitch in and help those in need. There are many folks who are willing to do the same. I urge caution my friends, but don’t panic, don’t run off the cliff.

2 thoughts on “Like a Lemming

  1. Annette Persinger says:

    Absolutely, panic is certainly not the answer.
    I cannot say that I am any good at stock piling anything, but I have no fear that all will be as it should be. God is in control, and worrying on things that we cannot control would certainly lead to an unhappy existance.
    The Lemming is a great analogy of what we are seeing today on the news and social media. It can be scary if we allow ourselves focus on what we see and hear.


    1. Johnny2Toes says:

      As a child of depression era parents and grand parents, I learned the value of having a little more of the basics than I actually need. We’ve been fortunate over these last few months and have gladly shared with others in need as we could. Thank you for your reply.



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