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As per my usual morning routine, I was scanning the news online and came across and ad. Gee, imagine that. The ad is for an alternative shopping tool. Customarily, I try not to mention names as I’m not a shill for any one thing in particular. The ad is a link to the alternative mentioned above. The link consists of a picture and under that some text which says something to the effect of . . . Seniors, do this before renewing your membership. It’s Genius! The picture above the text shows a young lady holding two shipping boxes, one on each shoulder. I just happened to have two shipping boxes from the same company as in the picture. I placed the two on my shoulders, just as in the picture. Nothing happened! I renewed my membership, then clicked on the ad just to see what’s so “Genius” about this alternative shopping tool. The way I see it, it’s just another way of customizing ads to suit my shopping needs, or some such drivel.

Another example. I saw an ad once that showed a picture of a plate of shelled hard boiled eggs and above the plate a hand holding a spoon containing another shelled hard boiled egg. The caption under the picture said . . . Do this before buying another diabetic supplement, or something to that effect. I clicked the link more out of curiosity than anything else and was directed to a site promoting some book, diet or “One Simple Trick” to help combat or cure diabetes. What nonsense.

I know what many of you are thinking, just another old guy bitching about click bait. You know what? You’re right. It would be much nicer if the company putting their product or service out there just state in the ad what it is and drop a link in the text. I understand that doesn’t play well in today’s world. No bright shiny things to catch the attention of God knows how many mind numbed people looking for answers.

For my part, I’ll continue on my own path. When I need a product or service I’ll look for several solutions. After I find at least three and as many as seven businesses that offer a solution to my need, I’ll research each one make a decision based on my findings.

I hate advertising. Well, not really. What I hate about advertising is the way it’s presented. It’s an age old way of doing things. Have you ever bought a new or used car from a dealership and noticed that the dealership has placed some form of branding on the car? Usually its a branded license plate holder or perhaps a decal on the trunk. You know, Joe’s Auto Sales. Anyway, as we were about to finish the paperwork on the car we just bought, I told the sales manager that I wanted either $1000.00 cash or the same amount deducted from the sales price of the vehicle. When he asked me why, I told him that I wanted to be paid for allowing his advertising on my car. He took the license plate holder off the car. If I’m a product or service provider and I want to advertise my wares, I pay some outlet to run my ad. Why should car dealers be any different?

Ah well . . . .

3 thoughts on “Bright Shiny Things

  1. Obong eno says:

    Great read
    Thanks for sharing


    1. Johnny2Toes says:

      You’re quite welcome my friend. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comments.


      1. Obong eno says:

        Okay dear 🥰


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