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Living with Alzheimers, Thoughts, Rants, Raves

Alzheimer’s Disease. Like many people, I knew what Alzheimer’s is ( sort of ), but I never really knew anything about it. Until recently. My first experience with this disease came somewhere around Christmas of 2016. We were gathered together at my parents house for the holidays, and my father began acting a little strange. Nothing obvious to an outsider, rather subtle changes in his behavior. It only showed up once or twice during this time, so we didn’t really pay much attention to it. That is until the middle of last year. It became obvious that something was wrong with his memory and behavioral patterns. After discussions as a family, it was decided to have him checked for any problems with his brain. After various tests and brain scans, he was diagnosed with late onset Alzheimer’s. And so our journey began.

I will not use this blog to discuss what this disease is, or what causes it, but rather, I would like to share a little and hear any thoughts or experiences anyone may have.

So far to date, we have watched as our father has had more bad days rather than good. There have been a couple of occasions when he has forgotten names of family members, but that can be expected. For the most part, he remembers the names of immediate family. Extended family tree relations are a bit out of his reach though. Days of the week can also be hard for him to keep track of for him as well.

Enough for now. More to come. I’ll be starting to post various rants, raves and thoughts on my home page, and whatever else comes to mind. Stay safe all.

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