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Hi Friends,

Let me introduce myself. I am Johnny2Toes. Well, actually, Johnny2 Toes is who I lovingly refer to as my alter ego. Johnny2Toes is a character I created while writing a comical, satirical book about a young man making his way in and through life.

A little about Johnny. Johnny was born in a small village in Sicily at a time between the World Wars. His was a small peasant family living a small farmers lifestyle and just barely getting by. Growing up, Johnny had daily chores of course, and his main job was to tend the small herd of goats the family owned.

So why the nickname? The story goes that while Johnny was in the fields with his goats on a little overnight adventure, he decided to make a fire to warm some food. Chopping wood for the fire, Johnny accidentally chopped off 2 toes on his left foot. Obviously, he survived this unfortunate event. After WWII, Johnny immigrated to America as a young man. Living in the States, Johnny made his way in life and had many adventures along the way. After a long and fairly successful life, Johnny left this world with his family huddled around him.

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