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I was traveling down a highway near my home. The speed limit is 35 mph going into a traffic circle. Coming out of the traffic circle, the speed limit continues to be 35 mph for a hundred yards and then increases to 55, and a few hundred yards further it increases again to a final speed limit of 65.

I came out of the traffic circle accelerating to 35 and was between speed limit signs. I got pulled over. I asked the officer why I was pulled over and he advised me that I was going slower than the surrounding traffic. A typical tell for someone who has been drinking.

I politely told the officer that the posted speed limit is 35 mph and that accelerating to 55 prior to the speed limit sign was in violation of the law. Still, he persisted in saying that I was going slower than the other traffic. I pointed out to him that there were two lanes of traffic going in the my direction and that common rules of the road dictate slower traffic using the right hand lane and that is where I was at the time of the traffic stop.

So we debated for a few minutes. I argued that law enforcement should enforce the posted speed limit rather than allowing others to start their acceleration to 55 and beyond. He saw my point of view and conceded that I would be liable to receive a ticket for accelerating through the posted limit.

He let me go without a ticket or even a warning, and I thanked him for that. But it led me to wonder, why post a “Speed Limit” if all you’re going to do is look the other way as people ignore the slower speed as they aim for the higher speed.

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