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Lately I’ve seen many ads for digital assistants. One commercial even states that we all love our digital assistants. I didn’t know what a digital assistant is, so I looked it up. I found all sorts of information, enough to make my head spin really. Just think, I could get one of these things, spend a ton of money to equip my house with all of the electric devices needed to lock my doors, dim the lights open/close my garage door remotely, and other such nonsense, just so I can be lazy and tell my digital assistant to do it for me. How convenient!

OK, now for my reality. Having some computerized device doing things I can do for myself is utter nonsense. How hard is it for me to lock my doors or flip a light switch? Plain laziness in my opinion. If I need to make a list of things I need from the store, I write it out. Remember writing? I’ve got a calendar in my office with important dates on it, birthdays, anniversaries, doctors appointments, and other things I need to remind myself of. When I feel the need to listen to music, I turn on the radio, or play some music on my stereo. If I’m wondering whats on TV, I use the guide provided by my satellite provider. No need to have some computer somewhere look it up for me. When I want to record some thing on my DVR, I set it myself, again, no need for a digital assistant.

I ask you, how lazy can we get???

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